Together we can:

  • Give you Freedom from your family’s past trauma and lower vibrational imprints
  • Remove energy blocks that don’t even belong to you
  • Address Generational dis-ease…you know this one
  • Turn off the DNA switches for addiction, anxiety, and depression
  • Remove limiting beliefs, not only for you, but for future generations. You could compare this to an eraser of mistakes to make room for your re-write!
  • Allow you to connect to yourself and your environment with a fresh approach, unencumbered by past cellular memory passed onto you through your DNA
  • Support the clarity you need to assist you onto an updated and positive path

What comes with the Sacred Abundance Activation: Ancestral DNA Cleansing? 

  • A two hour one-on-one clearing session supporting your journey to Freedom. During this session, I’ll put to use the ceremonial and spiritual applications that will lift these ancestral “burdens” and scrub up the 7 Generations worth of remnants that hang onto your DNA. This is a respectful and sacred “releasing” process. Just relax and go with the flow.
  • Before your session, I’ll give you additional information on preparation so that you are open and engaged in the entire experience. Feel it. Embrace it. Know it.
  • Within two weeks of your clearing session, I’ll be in touch with a follow up phone session to share any additional information I’ve received for you. It’ll give you a chance to ask any questions that come up or share any of your discoveries….there will be many!
  • Of course, I will be available via email at any time during this 3-4 week process. We’re in this together!

I can feel that you are ready to do this! It’s calling you deeply and with such grace, conviction and compassion.

  • Wouldn’t it be FABULOUS to get rid of the clouded energy that’s been following you and your family around all this time?
  • Isn’t it great to know that there IS a way to cleanse our DNA that’s supported by ancient techniques AND Contemporary Science?
  • Won’t you come along to assist future generations to be bigger, brighter and happier?

Of course you will!

This Sacred Abundance Activation: Ancestral DNA Cleansing is $180.00.

I know! REALLY AFFORDABLE considering all of the benefits!

My personal experience with this process was immediately uplifting and I knew, without a doubt, I was being called to do this life changing work for others. I’m so excited to offer this to you….it’s a Soul Shifting, Spiritually invigorating experience that you will treasure and carry in your heart and body of wisdom forever.