Diane has been inspiring audiences all over the globe, book her to make your next event remarkable!

Listen in as Diane presents to the Law of Attraction Club of Utah, sharing how the audience can bring their visions into the real world with success. She does this with a blend of proven marketing strategies and a shamanic tool box.


Suggested Topics:

  • Business Marketing
  • IdealLife Vision for You and Your Business
  • Evaluating Your Money Story
  • Identifying Your Target Market
  • Creating Your Marketing Message
  • How To Create A Business Blueprint
  • Developing Your Marketing Strategies to Fit Your Personality
  • Empowerment for You and Your Business
  • Navigating Difficult Sales Conversations
  • Keeping The Momentum Going: Rinse and Repeat
  • Creating Premium Packages

I love learning and sharing with others – At this time in my life, I have been through so much personally and professionally and, I want to share my life lessons to enrich lives. My hope is to decrease any struggles that you may be experiencing through my own lessons.

Those in my audience have actively received my messages and are drawn to working with me. They sense my compassion and desire to bring them accurate information based on real life accomplishments. The wisdom I have gathered is open to all who wish to delve into the masterful combination of healing arts and marketing.

My “heart-centered” approach is always present within my work and speaking engagements. Without that, I would be lacking in the important frequency of care and concern that applies unconditionally to everyone I meet, teach and mentor.

The Pussy Cat!

A few years ago, I wanted to update my Train The Trainer Certification. The program I chose had stiff requirements. We were required to sing and dance in front of an audience of approximately 500 people to complete our certification.

As I was used to giving presentations to health professionals on serious topics this was quite a stretch for me: to sing, dance and be silly. I definitely didn’t consider myself to be a singer by any means and not a very good dancer. I was nervous about how I was going to pull this off. So I hired a voice teacher to hold my hand. We chose Tom Jone’s “ What’s New Pussy Cat”. She helped me with my voice, movements, dance steps and confidence. After PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, I was very confident when I stepped on the stage in my pussy cat ears, tail and feather boa. Of course, I completed my certification with many accolades for a great performance.

This was a real breakthrough moment for me and others. It was so much more than just another Train The Trainer experience.

After doing this I came away with so much confidence. I mean, if I could do this I could do anything! I came home and gave performances to several groups and classes I was teaching. For a while I was known as “The Pussy Cat”.

Everyone benefited from this journey. Performances ranged from standing on the stage frozen in elaborate costumes to stopping in the middle of the presentation, even having migraine headaches so they couldn’t perform!

For example; one woman had lost her voice after a traumatic experience 15 years ago and was now able to sing again. A couple people who had been molested sang to their bodies. It was wonderful to see these transformations and hear about the stories that brought each one of us to this point in our lives.

How are you creating challenging opportunities to break free from your own personal fears and restrictions? It’s a question worth asking!